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How reliable import courier service is important for the smooth functioning of a business?

How reliable import courier service is important for the smooth functioning of a business

In India, imports far exceed exports. In 2020-21, reports showed India’s imports valued at USD 388.9 billion while exports amounted to USD 290.1 billion. There are significant challenges for imports in India, which discourages many businesses to explore this avenue. For instance, customs clearance and handling can take days which wastes precious time for businesses. The country’s transport infrastructure is also under-developed when compared to the growing demand. Besides this, higher import duties, protectionist policies and complicated tariff structures are also confusing to say the least. 

BizExpress noted many challenges in the import courier industry in India that made the act unnecessarily difficult for the client. With convenience and seamlessness in mind, BizExpress has already made a huge difference in the import space. 
Let’s take a quick look at some challenges clients face today with the current import courier service industry and how BizExpress is pioneering to solve them one by one. 

1 – Inefficient customer support

Most shipping and import companies generate tokens to establish your claim for the imported products which takes several days. In addition, there is also a lack of sufficient customer support from these importers which leaves businesses suspended for days on end. Additionally, business owners are not always aware of the complicated import-export regulations of the country. 
However, with BizExpress’ round-the-clock customer support system, clients are assured of prompt and safe delivery of imported products.

2 – Improper Billing & Documentation

Most import companies tend to file a Bill of Entry (BOE) without a checklist if the import value is less than INR 1 lakh. When this happens, it causes the shipment to get delayed and results in amendment errors as well as prevents smooth delivery of the shipment. Hence, this has a remarkable impact on the business end for the customer. 
BizExpress remedies procedural errors by ensuring comprehensive documentation for all imports and filing the bill correctly with a checklist to ensure smooth and on-time deliveries. 

3 – Delivery Time Flexibility
Major importers and courier services tend to rely on their pre-set delivery system. It uses the same system to evaluate different kinds of shipments which can often cause delays for urgent deliveries. 
However, BizExpress solves this problem by offering personalized support system which ensures delivery within just 3-4 hours once the shipment is cleared from customs. To do this, BizExpress relies on a comprehensive personalized support system which is based on a client’s urgency. 

4 – Real-Time Shipment Updates
One of the biggest challenges that clients face with their import courier services partner is getting updates on their shipments. We’ve seen that clients are expected to put all of their faith and truth in the company without knowing where shipment’s whereabouts. While our clients trust us completely, BizExpress wants to relieve the stress that comes with this lack of clarity. We ensure that the clients can track their shipment’s status in real time and know when to expect the delivery. These live updates are available through emails and phone notifications, ensuring better planning for the next steps on the client’s end. 


A reliable import courier service is important for the smooth functioning of a business as it offers safe shipping and swift delivery. Leading import couriers like BizExpress have the experience and technology to ensure prompt delivery and smooth functioning of your business.